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Why We Exist

Let all that you do be done in love.

                              I Corinthians 16:14

     You never know what life will bring, especially when it comes to the people that enters your life. Once in a while – if you’re lucky – you meet someone special who has the innate gift of bringing out the best in others. Someone who has the drive to bring people together and looks at challenges as a way to work harder and become better. Someone who leaves a mark on others through incredible attitude and passion. These special people are both rare and unforgettable. They leave a true and lasting legacy. Jarren Sorters is one of these special people.

     We were blessed to have Jarren in our family for almost sixteen years. Following his tenacious battle with cancer and ultimate healing in Heaven,  we realized this could not be the end of our family of four's journey. We believed that God was not finished writing Jarren’s life story. Our lives had been impacted so much on the journey, not only by the support and love were shown, but by how other family's we came in contact with during Jarren's treatments were also affected. We personally saw first-hand the emotional and financial hardships families face on this journey, as well as the limited treatment options available due to a lack of funding for new research.

     Because of our first-hand knowledge, in November 2016, three months after Jarren's death, the Play4Jarren Foundation was established in his memory -- not only to  honor his legacy, but also to share the love and compassion of Christ that was shown to us as well as the hope we continue to have in Christ our Savior. From the day of Jarren’s diagnosis, we were prayed for, loved, encouraged and supported by many who chose to be the hands and feet of Christ. This support is what enabled us to face each day and each challenge and to keep moving forward.

     As a family, we want to be able to share this love and the hope we have in Christ with families facing medical adversities, especially those battling childhood cancer and athletes facing physical challenges. The Play4Jarren Foundation logo, Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Quit, embodies Jarren's competitive, compassionate, courageous spirit. It is a truth Jarren lived by daily. Now, our goal at Play4Jarren is to continue with his Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Quit attitude and to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. We hope you, too, will join us on this journey. 

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